Our Strengths


Founded in 1984, School Mediation Associates became the first organization devoted to the application and promotion of mediation in the schools. Tens of thousands of students, educators, and parents have completed our mediation and conflict resolution workshops or participated in mediation sessions.

"Through peer mediation we will be able to conquer any obstacle. This training was excellent and fun as well as educational and that comes from a student that isn't normally interested in school." High School Student
"I feel very excited about what I have learned in this training. I think our schools need exactly this type of program and that children will behave more responsibly and reasonably if we allow them to be a part of the process and give them the necessary skills to do so." Middle School Administrator


SMA's dynamic programs and services have been tested in schools for over twenty years. Our innovative materials are tailored for different grade levels and can accommodate multiple learning styles. SMA continually works to improve programs and make them as effective, comprehensive and enjoyable as possible.

"At first, I thought this was going to be stupid, but I've learned that it is a serious situation and mediation can help a large amount of people...you did great if you got me to understand everything!" Middle School Student
"I am really excited about mediation. I feel it has really helped me get a greater outlook on people, their feelings and what is important to them. The training was really intense and I learned an incredible amount." High School Student


SMA trainers are women and men from various backgrounds who strive to make programs culturally relevant and appreciative of all forms of diversity. Among SMA accomplishments are trainings conducted in the Basque region of Spain, in post-communist Russia, and for homogenous groups of Asian-Americans and Hispanic Americans as well as for the increasingly diverse American school.

"I have been to many trainings, courses and workshops in my life. This has been by far the most outstanding training I have ever been a part of. How very exciting to 'learn' side by side with the kids. I'm also very impressed with the fact that even though we had such a diverse group of students, they formed a 'bond' with each other." Middle School Teacher
"I liked mediation training… I learned a lot about dealing with all different types of people and dealing with myself. The trainers were understanding and really know what's really going on in the world (unlike alot of people from the older generation)." High School Student


With peer mediation programs, the difficult work of program implementation continues long after the initial training is over. SMA maintains close contact with our network of schools, and we organize a conference every Fall to help mediation coordinators reinvigorate their programs.

"The mediation program has been one of the most successful programs I have helped to institute across our system. SMA helped us understand the commitment necessary to making mediation work, and the models they have developed are age-appropriate and easy to learn and implement. SMA trainers' rapport with students of all ages is also outstanding. I am certain that we would not have reached the level of success we have attained without School Mediation Associates." School Administrator


SMA thrives solely upon the goodwill of the schools and individuals with whom we have worked. Educators choose to work with SMA because their colleagues tell them about our valuable, exciting programs.

"The training was fun and interesting. I know that it helped me a lot with responsibility." Middle School Student
"The training was excellent; very empowering. I have learned many skills that will carry over to other parts of my life." High School Teacher