Helping educators, students, and parents communicate effectively, resolve conflict and appreciate differences since 1984

School Mediation Associates helped create the peer mediation concept 35 years ago, and we've been honored to work in schools around the world ever since.

Our services include:

Mediation: We facilitate difficult conversations among adults in a way that enables participants to learn and meet their goals.

Training: We train educators and young people in a range of research-based, practical programs that build relationships, improve school climate, and increase academic success. Programs include: Peer Mediation, Bullying Prevention, Student Leadership/Student Mentoring, Restorative Discipline/Restorative Practices, Managing Difficult Conversations, Emotional Intelligence, and more…

Books and Video: Our books and video provide information about implementing peer mediation programs and mediating challenging disputes (involving gangs, sexual harassment, large groups, etc.). Excerpts are posted on this site.

Newsletter: The School Mediator is our free peer mediation e-newsletter with subscribers from 70 countries.

Best wishes, and please contact us if we can help.

“I have been an administrator at an elementary, a middle and a high school and I've invited Richard Cohen and SMA to work with teachers and students at each school. Richard is able to reach all people, regardless of age and ability, and inspire them to become the best school leader they can be. SMA programs are of a quality that I've never been able to duplicate (and I've looked!).”
Joyce Swedberg, Principal
Elm Street School
Gardner, MA
“School Mediation Associates worked with our entire staff for three months on connecting with students and conducting difficult conversations. Richard's wisdom, skill and emphatic demeanor allowed us to let down our guards, share our challenges and fears, and improve our ability to talk with students, parents, and one another. It is my belief that the tools Richard helped us develop will ultimately enable us to boost student achievement and reduce risky behavior. SMA's work is invaluable to the teaching profession; every educator should be exposed to it.”
Jason DelPorto, Assistant Principal
Watertown Middle School
Watertown, MA
“School Mediation Associates engages young leaders at an exceptionally high level. Our students rave about their interactive, non-lecture based approach; students felt that, after only one session, SMA provided the most thorough and useful lessons on leadership to date. Richard is incredibly professional and unquestionably passionate about working with young people. The Gunnery fully endorses SMA to work with any age high school student.”
Christopher M. Baudo, Dean of Students
The Gunnery
Washington, CT
“We have partnered with School Mediation Associates for the last 6 years and have witnessed the positive impact their programs have had on our school community. As an administrator who has been in this game for 20 years, Richard's passion is refreshing and quite frankly, inspiring. If you are interested in empowering students and making them leaders, then invite School Mediation Associates into your building. They are second to none.”
Michael Smith, Dean
East Boston High School
East Boston, MA
“In addition to being great teachers, our faculty need to be great interpersonal communicators. We invited School Mediation Associates to help us enhance our ability to engage in difficult conversations. At the end of Richard's training, faculty members thanked us for the experience, and teachers now report that they are putting these skills to great use with students, parents, and each other. We would recommend SMA to any school.”
Yaakov Jaffe, Principal
Maimonides School
Brookline, MA
“School Mediation Associates helped us initiate our student leadership program. Their ability to engage young people, their attention to detail, and their willingness to tailor their program to our unique needs and culture made this effort a great success. Although the leaders are trained in September, on their end-of-year evaluations the majority of students note that SMA's initial training had a significant positive impact on them. We couldn't be happier.”
Brian Scott, Vice Principal of Student Affairs
Catholic Memorial
Roxbury, MA
“School Mediation Associates provides an exceptional training experience for our students. Richard and his staff somehow manage, time after time, to bring a diverse group of kids together into a cohesive team, teach abstract concepts in an engaging way, and leave us with a committed, competent team of student leaders.”

Amy Flemming, School Psychologist
Nock Middle School
Newburyport, MA
“School Mediation Associates' flexibility, professionalism, and passion for working with school leaders made our program a positive experience for everyone. Students at all levels commented that SMA's trainings "were the best they had every attended" and that ‘the training taught me some of the most important lessons I will use in my life.’ I highly recommend SMA to other schools and organizations looking to combine high quality content with engaging delivery!”
Susan Hauck, Coordinator
Marblehead Student Leadership Project
Marblehead, MA
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